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The brothers David and Bruno Galletti founded their first craft Company back in 1947 with sound basis in the field of fine machining and industrial machinery construction.
In 1964 they designed and built the first Planetary Mixer P375 based on absolutely innovative mixing techniques, which would have soon been known in the market under the name of «Galletti Planetary».

In 1972 the Company O.M.G. (Officine Meccaniche Galletti S.r.l.) was founded and important investments were made in state of the art machineries and toolings at Ponte Valleceppi (Perugia) factory, allowing new sizes and types of mixers to be produced.

In 1992, the growing presence on international markets led to the constitution of SICOMA S.r.l., Company of the fledgling OMG Group, appointed to the production of the new types of mixers and to the sales and service in the foreign markets of all equipment produced by OMG Group.

The specific technical solutions characterizing OMG SICOMA mixers, designed and introduced over the years, are protected by international patents and make the machines unique.

Nowadays, OMG Group is directly present in Spain (Galletti Iberica 1988), France (OMG France 2006), China (Sicoma Zhuhai 2000), USA (Sicoma North America 2005) and India (Sicoma Mixers India 2011). Localization of manufacturing is a key factor for the success particularly in China and India.

In many other countries, SICOMA is present through agents or distributors.