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to a higher-viscosity mixer might accelerate the process and improve end-product quality. Design 2 PowerMix – High Speed Disperser and Planetary Blade, with vacuum. Capacity: 40 gallons. The Ross PowerMix is a hybrid mixer that combines the high shear of a High Speed Disperser with the high-viscosity agitation of a planetary blade.

High viscosity mixer : mixing of liquids and viscous

High viscosity mixer : mixing of liquids and viscous

The mixing of liquids (miscible/immiscible, low/high viscosity) has numerous industrial applications. To ensure a good quality mix, mixers are equipped with various agitation systems to produce tri-directional displacement of

Take, for example, a product that has 100-micron aggregates with an oil demand high enough to cause a viscosity rise from 500 centipoise of the starting liquid ingredient to 30,000 centipoise of the finished product. Additionally, the aggregate particles range in size from 50 to 200 microns.

High Viscosity Pastes and Gels. With ResonantAcoustic ® Technology, almost all mixing energy is imparted into the mix load with very little system loss. This energy is used to uniformly mix high viscosity (up to 1MM cP) pastes and gels. Because there are no dead spots and no impellers in the mixing chamber, there are no hot spots or unmixed

Contents • Fundamentals of liquid mixing, solid mixing and high viscosity mixing • Mixing theory and concepts • Mixing equipment selection, design and operation • Advances in mixing technology • Mechanical components of mixing equipment • Solve any mixing problem framework 5. Course Map 6.

High Viscosity In-Line Mixers Silverson’s High Viscosity (HV) In-Line Mixers offer exceptional flow rates and the ability to process higher viscosity products.

Introduction to Mixing, Fluid Mixing, Solid Blending, Mixing of High Viscosity Materials and Paste

Tackling Difficult Mixing Problems Impeller Selection This is the third article in a three-part series. The previ- high-concentration slurries that must expand (dilate) at the viscosity liquid, and mixing causes the viscosity to increase until the fluid becomes non-Newtonian. Sometimes mixer

Ways to Optimize Solid-Liquid Mixing A White Paper Prepared By equipment for the preparation of low, medium and high viscosity solid-liquid mixtures under low and high shear conditions. PreMax Batch Ultra-High Shear Mixer The Ross PreMax is a top-entering batch Ultra-

High Viscosity Mixers High Viscosity Systems have been star performers in the Hockmeyer line for nearly 70 years. Dual and triple shaft mixers are ideally suited for medium to high viscosity materials and our patented blade configurations routinely outperform competitive equipment.

High viscosity liquid mixer from HADO is professional in the field of side entry mixers storage tanks, high viscosity liquid mixer, side entry mixer

High Viscosity Mixer (DOUBLE HELIXX) – arde

High Viscosity Mixer (DOUBLE HELIXX) – arde

The tools are intermeshed, and counter-rotate upon each other to mix, stir, knead and disperse high-viscosity materials. The helical blades create a positive folding action that results in fast, efficient mixing of high-viscosity liquids, pastes, dry or moist powderseven media as viscous as wet sand.

Mophorn Overhead Stirrer Digital High Viscosity Lab Stirrer Mixer Overhead Stirrer Mixer for Stirring Low to Medium and High Viscosity Liquid

The most suitable static mixer design for a specific application is based on the flow regime of Laminar, Turbulent or Two-Phase flow and other process and customer requirements. We have taken the liberty of pointing out the static mixer design geometric structure that in our opinion is best for each process function based on our experience

Power Requirement : Mixing requires large amounts of mechanical energy for shearing, folding over, dividing and recombining. Heat Transfer : Heat transfer is generally poor in viscous materials. Mixers for high viscosity materials therefore need to be designed for promoting efficient heat transfer.

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High viscosity mixers are also used with low viscosity products when scraping the vessel wall is beneficial and multi agitation with high shear mixing produces the desired results. Applications for these mixers include mixing and processing of viscous creams, sanitary and cosmetic lotions, vacuum mixing and deaeration of ointments, inks

Mixing of liquids, solids and high viscosity materials 1. Mixing of Liquids, Solids and High Viscosity Materials A Practical Course on Industrial Mixing Technology & Equipment 22-23 February, 2013 Mumbai CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence Impellers • Based on the liquid viscosity, impellers can be classified as turbines for

high fraction of solids. Viscosity refers to “thickness”. Thus, water is “thin”, having a lower viscosity, Liquid Spray Mixing Systems Combining Mixing & Liquid Spray Application Case Studies 5 mixer, especially liquid binders try changing how or where the Page 3 Spraying Systems & Mixing

Mixing and blending technology. 2 5000-01-01-2009-GB . 5000-01–2009-GB 3 Advantages Applicable for high- and low-viscosity products Ensures a homogeneous product No product contacting bearings HIGH HIGH Liquid/Powder mixing? Liquid/Liquid

Mixing 101: Flow Patterns & Impellers Mixing Flow Patterns & Impeller Types. Radial impellers do not have a high tank turnover flow like axial flow impellers. Internal fluid resistance thought of as the “thickness” or “resistance to flow” of the liquid (i.e. water has viscosity of 1 centipoise vs hand cleaner, which is around

Ultrasonic Homogenizers for Liquid Processing

Ultrasonic Homogenizers for Liquid Processing

Different from high pressure homogenizers, the high shear produced by our ultrasonic devices will emulsify even high viscosity liquids, such as heavy fuel oils (HFOs). Some formulations may require emulsifiers or stabilizers to be added.

And the machine enables step less speed change and can mix the liquid with the high viscosity. It is an essential tool f New mixe labouratory liquid stir Digital Powerful Lab Stirrer mixer 2000RPM 220V

Liquid whistles are a kind of static mixer that pass fluid at high pressure through an orifice and subsequently over a blade. This subjects the fluid to high turbulent stresses and may result in mixing, emulsification, [16] deagglomeration and disinfection.

High viscosity liquid mixer from HADO is professional in the field of side entry mixers storage tanks, high viscosity liquid mixer, side entry mixer

Dec 28, 2012 · This lab mixer is designed to mix high viscosity fluids. The operator can easily evacuate processed material from the mixing vessel by way of the plunger tha

Learn the fundamentals of high viscosity mixing from Mixer Direct’s CEO, Mark Franco.

That is not the case, however, with high viscosity liquids, which don’t mix into a homogeneous liquid quite as readily. And no, you can’t force two or more high viscosity liquids into mixing well by increasing the speed of rotation of your mixer impellers.

Multi Shaft high viscosity mixers are available in Offset Mount (separate mixer drives) and Concentric Mount (both mixer drives mounted in center) arrangements. Typically, a Dual Shaft high viscosity Agitator or Triple Shaft Mixer is used in blending applications where more than one mixing action is needed.

With high viscosity materials, baffles can impede the flow of the liquid, preventing thorough mixing in the vessel. In these cases, the tank is usually unbaffled and special impeller designs are used to provide top to bottom flow.

Mixing 101: Flow Patterns & Impellers Internal fluid resistance thought of as the “thickness” or “resistance to flow” of the liquid (i.e. water has viscosity of 1 centipoise vs hand cleaner, which is around 3,000 centipoise). Power Number (NP) If you have questions with your industrial mixer design

Air Mixer: Work Safely With Flammable Products | Arrow

Air Mixer: Work Safely With Flammable Products | Arrow

Material Viscosity The property of viscosity defines how thick a liquid is. A higher viscosity translates to a thicker liquid, and the mixer will have to do more work to move the material. A material with a high viscosity will require an air mixer with a high direct torque or gearing to increase torque.

The Thickness of Innovation – Magnetic Stirrers and Liquid Viscosity At the heart of any experiment or processing procedure is the simple act of mixing. Although one may not believe the act of stirring is a paramount element to experiment success, improper mixing eliminates the possibility of accurate processing.

Substance parameters such as density (bulk density) and viscosity carry great significance during the mixing process. These parameters will help determine the expected energy demands, the possible miscibility, and the stability of the mixture. Mixing of liquids; Mixing of liquid and solid substances; Mixing of solids; Mixing

Non-Newtonian/High Viscosity. Home | Products | Mixing Systems | Non-Newtonian/High Viscosity. Category. Top-Entry. the CounterFlow mixer design will result in a smaller gear box and lower power input for superior mixing results. Reynolds numbers on the order of 0.1 have been successfully mixed demonstrating superior

Understanding High-Viscosity Mixing. June 1, 2000. Reprints And what insight does this provide that may help in selecting the proper high-viscosity mixer for a particular application? has 100-micron aggregates with an oil demand high enough to cause a viscosity rise from 500 centipoise of the starting liquid ingredient to 30,000

The floor-mounted heavy-duty lift mixer is an excellent choice as a rigid high-torque workstation suited for repeated mixing of high viscosity batches. Each of the mixer formats previously described are available with pneumatic or electric motors.

Manufacturer of industrial & commercial high viscosity mixers including liquid, sludge & slurry mixers. Available in mixing capacities from 1 pint to 100 gal. & maximum speeds from 250 rpm to 1,200 rpm.

Learn the fundamentals of high viscosity mixing from Mixer Direct’s CEO, Mark Franco.

One of the fascinating aspects of high-viscosity mixing is that the mixer must accurately and intensely move the product. Figures 1 and 2 provide some general guidelines of which mixer types are usually used for various fluids and mixtures.

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High Shear Mixers Suppliers – ThomasNet

High Shear Mixers Suppliers – ThomasNet

Manufacturer & designer of high shear mixers used in blending, dispensing, compounding, dispersing & dissolving applications. Stainless steel mixers are available with 25 gal. to 1,000 gal. capacities, viscosity up to 2,000,000 cps & 1,725 rpm or 3,450 rpm operating speed.

An orbital mixer’s efficiency is significantly affected by the viscosity of a solution. Evaluation of Mixing Performance of Vitl Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer with High Viscosity Solutions

Whether your application involves low viscosity fluids, high viscosity fluids, fibrous materials, or just the need for a quick flash blend, we have a Statflo™ mixer design available to optimize your blending process.

Key Requirements: High purity, high pressure, high temperature, high viscosity mixing This highly custom magnetically-driven mixer was designed for top entry use in extreme conditions. Due to the sensitivity of the product to contamination, Fusion developed this high torque top entry mixer.

The mixing equipment needed for drum processing varies with the properties of the products and with the available drum opening. For this reason INDCO’s drum mixer product line is one of the most diverse available with multiple options for power source, mounting method and impeller types for low and high viscosity liquids.

and dispersing high viscosity fluids in the laminar flow regime (Paul et al., 2004, p. 428). In order to scale up static mixers reliably in liquid-liquid dispersion

High viscosity fluid processing is our specialty. Unit operations include mixing/blending of materials with similar or large differences in viscosity and volumetric flow rate such as: melt flow mixing in plastics extrusion, injection molding and polymer manufacturing; continuous polymerization plug flow reactors; heating and cooling of viscous materials

Tote mixers are commonly used in the production of liquid products, in distribution to maintain product homogeneity and at final product locations for suspension of settled solids. Viscosity is the primary characteristic used in the determination of the appropriate tote mixer for the application.

High Viscosity Pastes; Particle Coating trademarked as ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM), is applicable to a broad range of mixing classes that include liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid and powder-powder systems. The figure on the right shows a comparison between the client’s mixer and the ResonantAcoustic® mixer. For a

Choosing The Correct Mixer Impeller For High Viscosity Liquids. Mixing two or more low viscosity liquids such as water is easily achieved.

Tank Mixer | Powerful, Large Bubble Compressed Air Mixing

Tank Mixer | Powerful, Large Bubble Compressed Air Mixing

This powerful mixing technology enables Pulsair’s customers to mix and blend high solid liquids, high viscosity liquids and liquids with a high specific gravity. FAST MIXING: The Pulsair tank mixing process is extremely fast and efficient.